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Chapter 1: And So It Begins, Chapter 2: Welcome to the Wasteland, Chapter 3: The Magic of Freedom,

In the ever changing world of technology, there exists another dimension. A dimension ruled by ones and zeros. We interact with it everyday yet very few of us even understand how it works. We press our buttons and watch our screens but behind what we see lies a world that's inhabited by creatures set out to defeat us through our own devices. Ever lose a file when you swear you hit that save button? What about corrupt files? How about those days when nothing seems to work at all? All the work of "tech devils". Meet two of mine, Samsin and Itch.

Samsin is not your average tech devil. He is intelligent and very clever, always thinking, and many steps ahead with whatever he's about to do. He has grand ideas on how to take over our world and will stop at nothing to accomplish it. What he has for brains however, he lacks in patience. This flaw tends to get the better of him. The secret to his success though, may lie in a mythical big book of viruses (for devils!) that legends say exist somewhere in his realm. All he has to do is find it.

Itch has a gentle, curious soul and isn't like the other devils. He doesn't have a mission and doesn't know where he is half the time. In fact, he's isn't a devil at all. Samsin doesn't know where he came from or how he even exists but likes to keep him around as company. He doesn't speak other than the occasional grunt or whistle but has certainly learned to understand others. And unlike the other devils, Itch suffers from "inconsistencies" of sorts. These can range anywhere from the occasional itch, to his mobile spots that roam his surface, to a bout of the hiccups. When these occur, who knows what will happen next.

Together, this duo sets out to disrupt my daily digital routine.

- Mike