I'm guessing that a majority of the people in this world do not enjoy their jobs. Whether it's the work itself or the people one has to work with, jobs can be a downer just as much as it can be rewarding. The fact you have to spend so much of your life working too, seems unfair when you get stuck in a job that you can't enjoy.

C.E.O.B.S (I'll leave it up to you to figure out what it stands for!) is about the greed and dysfunctional ways of how our systematic corporate world is set up. Unecessary rules, over-management, corruption, obsession with money, fame, and power, are all things that help contribute to our miserable daily lives. The art is meant to highlight and find humor in the most ridiculous of things we have to put up with each day, especially at the workplace.

This art is for the corporately challenged.

- Mike

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