Join Cory, Tweezle, friends and family in this far out strip about a human kid growing up on a planet much like our own. Oddball aliens, talking technology, and hover cars are just a few of the things you can encounter in this zany world. Top it off with a well rounded supporting cast with Tweezle's adopted older sister Tamsin, Tweezle and Cory's large lumpy friend, Rocko, Baby, Smiley Max, Tweezle's parents and more. The adventures never stop. Tweezle's misfit inventions and cynical ways lead the dynamic duo to more trips to the principal's office than the principal himself. They might even get their own detention room! There's definitely more fun to be had than two nine year old kids should have in their youth. But isn't that what growing up is all about?

Cory: human,
9 yrs old,
typical 9 yr old kid.

9 yrs old,
over educated genius, inventor.

Rocko: alien,
9 yrs old,
has magical
third eye.

Smiley Max: half alien, 9 yrs old, can instantly change size. Tamsin: alien,
16 yrs old, adopted daughter of royalty.

Mom: middle-aged, busy-body, very polite mannered. Dad (Sid): middle-aged, business man, traditional Baby: toddler,
indestructible, likes to laugh, always happy.

Wagwart (Waggy): dog, tail has super strength abilities. Gubby (tv, laptop): entertainment AI, has fondness for Baby.

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